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Chelsea Siobhan 


Sio studio creates clothing which celebrates the body and allows the
wearer to become their most extroverted self. 

Most of our designs are made from stretchy fabrics and/or have adjustable fastenings to conform to your shape and have the best fit possible. 

We take influence from our favourite era - 90's / early 2000's and create original pieces  with the intent to become timeless classics and elevated staples in your wardrobes. 


All of our designs are currently created in house at our North London Studio. Each item is produced in small quantities to minimise waste and excess consumption. Sio's core values revolve around ethically producing garments in ways which are kinder to our planet.


All of the fabrics we use are sourced here in the UK with most being sourced from local suppliers in London. 

Where possible we use deadstock / end of line fabrics and also choose to hand dye them ourselves using non toxic dyes. 

All of our denim is created from second hand Levis jeans which we handpick and quality check before reworking. 

We are aware of how toxic the textile industry is to our earth particularly the Denim industry so we chose to work exclusively with second hand denim to avoid relying on the production of new materials.  


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